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JD Ward's Insurance Information and Advice - Medicare

Medicare can be a very convoluted and daunting entity, for a PALS to try and navigate. I will attempt to make things a little more clear with this article. Now there is a lot of information, in regards to medicare, and one could go crazy, trying to understand what is covered and what isn’t. So, I will explain the basics of medicare, what it covers, secondary insurance plans, how a PALS is eligible, and in home health care, related to PALS. In home health care is the number one concern for PALS and their families, because being a primary care giver for a loved one that is a PALS, can be extremely exhausting physically, and emotionally. I know this first hand with my friend Steve Gleason from the many times that I have helped, I can only imagine what a toll it must take on someone doing it on a day to day basis. So here we go…

ALS Through the Eyes of a Grandchild by Tommy Mallery

ALS Through the Eyes of a Grandchild by Tommy Mallery

Tommy is the oldest grandchild of Charlie "Hark" Dourney. He shares his insight into his grandfather's courageous battle with ALS as well as his love and admiration for a man he saw as his role model.